• Martin e Valentina

    Kariboo’s Cofounders

The Project

Kariboo is a project which came up from our love about nature and freedom. Our home countries, Madagascar and Italy, are famous for being warm and welcoming, indeed Kariboo in Malgasy means “welcoming”.

We, Martin and Valentina, are a couple who wanted this dream to come true by welcoming tourists and enriching the citizens with our selection of bikes, e-bikes, rickshaws, and tandems. An original and eco-friendly way to live the sunny town of Terracina in total relax and health.

Terracina: Between Nature and Archeology

The town benefits of an enchanting natural frame. Located between the “Circeo” promontory and the Gaeta’s Gulf, it boasts a strategic and favorable location. In fact, it is distant only 100 km from both Rome and Naples. Also, from Terracina you can easily reach wonderful natural reserves and green paradises such as “Circeo” National Park, the archipelago of the “Pontine” islands, the Fondi’s Lake, and the “Ninfa” Oasis.

Terracina was born during the Etruscan period, surrounded by the mountains and its beautiful sea. On top of the town, there is the ancient and impressive “Giove Anxur” Temple which identity is defined by a mix of sacred and profane. This monument was built over the 1st century A.C. and its history is characterized by stylistic features from several Greek and Spanish colonialisms.

With our service we want to enhance the beauty of this town by communicating our love and respect for the nature which surrounds the town, especially to those people who visit it for the first time.

We rent bikes and modern means to make them be a good economic and eco-friendly source to those who want to live Terracina at its best.